Telefónica Pitch Day in Jerusalem

Gaming, Energy and Shopping Experience

Do you have a great idea for a startup delivering a digital product around gaming add-ons, energy or shopping experience?

Then, Telefónica Open Innovation team is looking for you! Apply now to Telefónica Pitch Day in Jerusalem for your idea to have the opportunity to become a global startup.


Telefónica Pitch Day awards

1 – Raising Capital The best projects may have the possibility of raising capital and support from Telefónica to create their startup. In addition, up to six of the best projects may have the possibility of receiving acceleration services by Atobe and mentoring by Telefónica before creating the startup, if the level of maturity is not enough yet to invest. These projects will have the opportunity to pitch again to raise capital.

2 – Fly to Madrid to visit Telefónica Open Innovation Headquarters Up to two projects will be awarded with a trip to Madrid for their representatives to visit the Telefónica headquarters for follow-up meetings.

What are we looking for?

Innovative and differential projects for global digital services around gaming add-ons, energy, and shopping experience not formalized as an official company yet.

Diverse and complementary team members with the appropriate background to develop the idea.

Teams with a strong will to transform those ideas into successful start-ups and the agility to pivot when required.

How do we choose the winners?

The winners will be chosen by an experts committee. Project phases are:


Focus Areas

1. The future of shopping experience Covid-19 has accelerated the growth of this market, $ 4.891 M in 2021. Telefónica wants to support proposals that shape the next generation of shopping experiences.
Digital trend, omnichannel, metaverse, ultra-personalization of the experience, sustainability and ethics, cryptocurrencies and how it can impact on how we buy. How do you see the future of consumer experience?


Gaming industry add ons

The global gaming market size is expected to gain momentum by reaching $ 546 B by 2028. Games and gaming platforms are clearly a trend. Telefónica is looking for complementary proposals beyond these two areas. There are plenty of opportunities to improve the gaming experience and the gaming business: cloud gaming and 5G, immersive gaming experiences, NFTs, free-to-play trends, professional and amateur gamers world and needs, gamers sharing experiences… How could we make the gaming experience more fun and exciting?


Smart Energy Industry

The global Smart Energy market size is projected to reach $ 253.1 B by 2027. Climate change is accelerating the growth of this market and generating many opportunities. Renewables, Internet of Energy, Energy as a Service, the applications of quantum computing… Green and affordable energy is a global challenge, how would you address it?