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Wayra Builder is Telefónica's Venture Builder

Wayra Builder aims to create startups based on innovative ideas with high potential market

What is Wayra Builder?

Wayra Builder is Telefonica´s investment vehicle whose goal is to increase the value of our startups portfolio through the creation of new companies and thereby complementing the other Telefónica’s investment vehicles.

How Wayra Builder works?

Wayra Builder is a multidisciplinary team that combines business, investment and entrepreneurship profiles with a fast prototyping team made up of product, design and technology experts.

The Wayra Builder team covers the end to end process of creating a company, from ideation to the startup founding, as well as its post-creation follow-up and support.

What are the advantages of
Wayra Builder?

The Wayra Builder team relies on Telefónica's assets to increase the probability of success and sustainability of its startups, as well as to generate competitive advantages and business for them.

Telefónica's different investment vehicles and perks programmes for startups offer the possibility of accompanying our startups at different stages.

Our startups can take advantage of Telefónica's network within the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as benefit from the company's experts workforce.

Investment Tesis


We invest, without exceeding 20% ​​of the total equity, in ideas to create companies that present a solid business model proposal and are not founded yet.


Looking for scalable business ideas, technologically disruptive, without propietary HW, on B2B and B2C markets.


The ideas come from sources both internal and external to Telefónica in Spain, the UK, Germany and Brazil, but with the vocation of becoming global.

Areas of interest

Big Data

Way of working

Identify and  validate idea

Venture Building projects are born from an exhaustive exercise of either gathering ideas and/or technologies owned by Telefónica or thorugh the exploration of other external sources we work with.

Once the idea has been selected, we carry out an exercise of developing a business plan that includes: market and competition analysis, conceptualisation and prototyping of the product, definition of the business model, cost analysis, financial projections, and conceptualisation of the management team.

Build the team

If the team does not already exist, the second step is to identify the CEO that matches the profile defined in the previous step. We search for this CEO leveraging our connections with universities and business schools but also, above all, the extensive network of contacts that Wayra has developed during its more than 10 years of history. In addition, we carry out many evangelisation activities for the initiative both internally and externally.

The profiles vary depending on the type of startup and its degree of maturity, so we look for commercial profiles for those startups with the product already developed and, therefore, in need for sales, and for technical profiles when the main need is developing a product based on an idea or a technology.

Look for co-investors

All projects need a minimum amount of capital to be founded, depending on the type of project this amount will be different. For this reason, when we work on the business plan, we estimate the initial funds needed that will allow the startup to operate for 18-24 months without the need to raise a new investment round.

Found the startup

Once we have identified the idea, built the team and secured the co-investors we found the company, supporting the CEO and structuring a proper captable that will help the startup attract other investors in the future.

Support MVP build and launch

From that moment on, Wayra Builder helps the startup, if necessary, to complete the team with the profiles that will develop the minimum viable product (MVP) together with the CEO. Besides, our experts offer technical, design and product assistance, in case it is requiered.

After a few months of MVP development, we launch the product on the market and continue to support the startup through its commercial deployment.

Our team

Fernando Guillot

Venture Studio Director

Susana Jurado

Head of Wayra Builder

Juan Rubio

Concept Builder

Santiago Castro

Technology Specialist

Do you have an idea?

If you have an idea based on a digital proposal with no proprietary hardware  and you haven't founded your company yet, we can help you make it a reality.

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